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  • BCUK Aquatics Calanus® Pellets 1mm


    Feeding Calanus® Pellets

    Calanus® Pellets can be loose fed into your aquarium, moulded into bigger pellets for feeding to larger fish or made into a ball and adhered

    to the side of the aquarium. They areperfect for use in automatic feeders.
    Feed your fish 2 – 3 times per day
     with as much food as they can consume within three minutes.

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  • Firstbite Copepods 100ml


    Copepods are an excellent food source for all saltwater aquarium fish, corals and invertebrates. If your aquarium contains mandarin fish, anthias or seahorses you will almost certainly require the addition of some form of copepods.

    FEEDING: Simply pour the chosen amount of the copepods into the aquarium that the inhabitants can consume within two to three minutes. Feed your fish 2-3 times per day.

    The pouch can be directly connected to dosing system for automatic feeding, ideal for fish that require regular feeding such as Anthias.

    CONTENTS: Copepods, Water, EU permitted antioxidant, (Settlement may occur.)

    Protein: 4.2%
    Fibre: 0.6%
    Lipids: 1%
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