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  • Kamoer ATO One for RO Automatic Top Off & Float Valves


    Packing List

    1x ATO One controller

    1x S1 Float sensor

    1x S2 Optical sensor

    1x Optical sensor bracket

    1x Float sensor bracket

    4x Plastic magnetic stickers

    1x DC 12V Power supply

    1x Solenoid valve

    1x Tube holder

    1x Siphon break

    2x PVC tubing

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  • Kamoer ATO One SE Auto top Up/Off


    What’s in the box?
    1 x ATO One controller
    1 x S1 Float sensor
    1 x S2 Optical sensor
    1 x Optical sensor bracket
    1 x Float sensor bracket
    4 x Plastic magnetic stickers
    1 x DC 12V Power supply
    1 x Refill pump
    1 x Tube holder
    1 x Siphon break
    2 x PVC tubing

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  • Kamoer F4 Pro Wifi Dosing Pump



    Dosing Channel: 4
    Dosing Times: 24 times / day -once / 7 days
    Fluid Volume: 1ml – 999ml
    Accuracy: <+/-0.5%
    Pump Life: >2000 hours
    Flow Rate: >45ml/min

    Dimensions (length x width x height): 250 x 59 x 49mm
    Weight: 950g

    Inside the package:

    • F4 PRO dosing pump
    • 3.5m lengths of PVC tube (Red, Yellow, Blue Green)
    • 10Ml plastic graduated cylinder
    • Power adapter
    • Tube holder manifold / tube bracket
    • Mounting screws
    • Quick start guide
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  • Kamoer FX-STP dosing pump



    • Suitable for continuous operation
    • High precision with stepper motor driver
    • Adjustable flow rate setting of 0 – 120mls/min
    • Calibration of flow rate
    • Battery back up –  user setting saved if power lost.
    • Uses high quality long life PharMed® Tubing in pump head – easily replaceable
    • AC/DC power adapter.
    • Exceptionally reliable.
    • Unmatched flexibility in programming.
    • Spare parts readily available.
    • Dimensions -125mm (h) x 83mm(w) x 133mm (d)
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  • Kamoer X1 Single Dosing Pump



    • Add multiple X1 pumps to control
    • Daisy chain up to Four -X1 pumps per power supply
    • Flow calibration setting
    • Operational modes (Manual, Auto Quick Setting)
    • Easy setting – Set dosing start and stop time (does not have to be 24 hours)
    • Enter total number of ml to be dosed over the time period
    • Enter the number of times to dose each time period (up to 12 times)
    • User can even choose dosing every 1 – 31 days or certain days per week
    • Adjustable dosing volume Auto Mode: 0.5 – 6500.0ml
    • Adjustable dosing volume Manual Mode: 0.1 – 6000.0ml
    • Delay setting between channels prevents chemical interference

    *Requires Bluetooth capable mobile device to operate.


    Dosing Channel: 1
    Dosing Times: 12 times / day -once / 31 days
    Fluid Volume: .1ml – 6000ml
    Accuracy: <+/-2%
    Pump Life: >2000 hours

    X1 pump head tubing size: ID*OD 2*4mm pharmed bpt tube
    Included PVC tubing size:  ID*OD 3*5mm

    Inside the package:

    • X1 dosing pump
    • Graduated cylinder
    • Power adapter – Up to 4 – X1 Pumps
    • PVC Tubing:  ID*OD 3*5mm
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  • Kamoer F4 WIFI Dosing Pump


    Kamoer F4 Box Contents:
    1x F4 Dosing Pump and Antenna
    4x Pump Head
    1x Power Adapter
    1x 3m PVC Tubing
    1x 10ml Graduated measuring cylinder
    1x Dosing Pump 4 tube Manifold

    * Dosing pump mounting bracket sold seperately as an accessory

    F4 Quick Setup Manual Guide

    F4 User Manual Guide V1.0

    F4 Product Manual Guide A0

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  • Kamoer X4 Plus Dosing Pump



    • Compact appearance, elegant, powerful
    • Equipped with LCD screen and key, both stand-alone operation, and support iOS/Android app and windows PC client control dosing pump via WIFI
    • Contains real-time clock, automatically run according to the setting parameters, the parameters are not lost in the case of power failure 1-24 dosing times a day can be set, support every other day, every two days and the specified week day dosing
    • Support the flow rate calibration
    • Standard Pharmed BPT®pump tube, long life, heat resistance, acid, ozone and UV rays, anti-aging and oxidation, no cytotoxicity and hemolysis
    • Optional temperature and liquid level sensor to monitor temperature and level status
    • Remote control can be achieved by access to kamoer aquarium cloud via kamoer intelligent controller

    Kamoer X4 Plus Box Contents:

    • X4 Dosing Pump unit
    • 4 x Pump Head
    • Power Adapter
    • 4 x 3x5mm PVC Tubing
    • 10ml plastic cylinder
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Suction Cup for temperature sensor mounting
    • Tube rack for fixing the outlet
    • Pump holder used to suspend the pump
    • Pump bracket assembly
    • Quick connect instruction to provide the way to download software and view tutorial
    • Certification

    X4 Plus Dosing Pump User Manual

    X4 Plus Dosing Pump Product Manual




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  • Kamoer X4 WIFI Dosing Pump



    • WIFI Control of dosing Pump: Yes – via iPhone, Android device or PC
    • Temperature Detection: Yes
    • Temperature threshold alarm: Yes
    • Liquid Level detection: Yes, 4 inputs
    • Liquid level alarm: Coming Soon
    • Software update via WIFI: Yes
    • LCD Backlight: Yes
    • Battery back up – Settings saved if power lost
    • Uses high quality PharMed® Tubing in pump head
    • Calibration Accuracy: 0.1mls
    • 2 Year Warranty : Yes
    • ​Dimensions: 260mm x 160mm x 110mm

    Kamoer X4 Box Contents:

    • X4 Dosing Pump unit
    • 4 x Pump Head
    • Power Adapter
    • 3m PVC Tubing
    • 10ml Graduated measuring cylinder
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Suction Cup for temperature sensor mounting
    • Dosing Pump 4 tube Manifold
    • Dosing Pump Mounting Bracket
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