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  • Korallenzucht – AcroGlow


    Color and health for Acropora Sp.
    AcroGlow promotes recovery and very good coloration especially of Acropra Sp.- Daily dosing facilitates acclimatization and keeping of South Sea Corals from Fiji, Tonga or Australia immensly (if the main water parameters are fine!), the original coloration of these corals will be enabled again – Acropora Millepora sp. can retrieve their two or three colors- It does not distort natural coloration, but brings it back – Also yellow color of Acropora can be retained

    1 drop/100 L/day.This can be up to doubled for a short time, as soon as the corals react return to the normal dosage.

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  • Korallenzucht – AktivKhole Activated Carbon


    High quality activated carbon especially developed for salt water tanks.

    You will see the difference significantly on your corals.

    Put it in a mesh bag in a passively flown filter bypass or in a nylon stocking on top of the ZEOvit® in the ZEOvit® filter. Rinse the carbon briefly with hot tap water before use.

    The result is a better polyp extension. It adsorbs toxins, toxic compounds and yellowing compounds and also proteins.

    Keeps your tank water crystal clear.

    Use 1 L Korallenzucht activated carbon for 250 gallons/1000L water.

    Completely replace every 30 days.

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  • Korallenzucht – Amino Acid Concentrate LPS 100ml


    Amino acid blend designed specifically for Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals.

    Increases coral growth
    Coral tissue will expand immediately after dosing
    Injured corals will regenerate faster
    Positive impact on LPS coral growth

    A high quality amino acid based food source for LPS corals: including Catalaphylia,Cynarina Blastomusa, Heliofungias, Welsophylia, Musidae, Symphylia and Fungias.

    Upon dosing, corals expand their tissue immediately. Regular dosing will increase growth as well as the regeneration of damaged corals. This product is particularly useful in helping corals acclimate during the initial stages of implementing any low nutrient system.

    Recommended dose is 1ml per 50 gallons per day.

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    Korallenzucht – B-Balance Concentrate


    B-Balance replaces important minerals and additives commonly removed by protein skimmers.

    Benefits include:

    Red enhancement in Stylophora, SPS and Pocillopora corals.
    The ability to keep difficult corals like Cespitularia
    More robust corals with healthier base encrustation, even in shadow areas

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  • Korallenzucht – Bio-Mate


    Helps breakdown decomposing substances in the sand bed and on rock surfaces commonly referred to as mulm. Mulm is often an unattractive brown material that settles throughout the tank. Primary source of mulm is uneaten foods and fish waste.

    Proper use of Korallen-Zucht Bio-Mate will:

    -Reduce mulm deposits
    -Reduce phosphate
    -Clean Live Rock and substrates

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  • Korallenzucht – Coral Booster


    KZ Coral Booster is a special blend of elements to stimulate all corals for enhanced coloration, growth and immune response.

    • Works to balance elemental deficiencies
    • Enhances blue and pink coloration
    • Complements Flatworm Stop
    • Provide trace elements for noticeable effects

    Dosage: 1 mL per 25 gallons every other day.

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  • Korallenzucht – Coral Snow


    Korallen-Zucht Coral Snow liquid filter media as well as a secondary biological facilitator for elements and nutrition.

    • Treats and prevents slime algae and cyanobacteria
    • Neutralizes water yellowing compounds and unwanted acids
    • Increases the effectiveness of other KZ products such as B-Balance and Potassium-Iodide/Fluoride Concentrate.
    • Compatible with Amino Acids and Coral Vitalizer.
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  • Korallenzucht – Coral Snow Plus


    Well-tried Problem Solver: Plus Version also against Phosphates!

    Coral Snow is the well-tried problem solver from Korallenzucht.de. The Plus Version Coral Snow Plus reduces your phosphates in reef tanks in a simple and easy way and helps to keep it at low level without up- and downturns.Optimal for small and large polyp stony corals, soft corals, clams and all other salt water animals in reef tanks. Dosage: 1 to 2 times per week 1 ml / 100 LThe dosage can be increased or given up to daily when needed. 1 ml reduces approx. 8 mg PO4.The cloudiness in the water is harmless for all fish as well as sensitive corals.

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  • Korallenzucht – Coral System 1 – 4


    Coral System 1-4: vital elements and compounds for coloration,health and improved biology.

    Coral System is a separate product line to cultivate and breed corals successfully, to maintain and enhance coloration with good growth rates and beautiful polyp expansion. This product line has been developed for reefers who want to cover most necessary additions with a complete system and who do not use the ZEOvit®-System. An automized dosage with dosing pumps is possible without any problems. Coral System platform contains 4 products, which are a complete unity.

    Exceptional results can be achieved utilizing the Coral System methodology. The System provides vital elements and compounds for coloration,health and improved biology. It contains no calcium, carbonate, magnesium, these main elements have to be checked regularly and dosed separately when needed.Contains: Purified Water – Ni – Mn – F – Na – Rb – Zn – V.Dosage: 5ml / 100 L / week

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  • Korallenzucht – CyanoClean


    Target the root cause of a Cyanobacteria outbreak with Cyano Clean from Korallen-Zucht.

    • Formulated with nutrient-scavenging bacterial strains that diminish Cyanobacteria’s food source
    • Reef-safe and does not alter nutrient composition of tank
    • Dose weekly for preventative measure
    • Contains no antibiotics
    • Will not affect biological filtration

    Exceptional results can be achieved utilizing the Coral System methodology. The System provides vital elements and compounds for coloration,health and improved biology. It contains no calcium, carbonate, magnesium, these main elements have to be checked regularly and dosed separately when needed.Contains: Purified Water – Ni – Mn – F – Na – Rb – Zn – V.Dosage: 5ml / 100 L / week

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  • Korallenzucht – Flatworm Stop


    Strengthens the corals, weakens parasitical flatworms

    Flatworm Stop

    Right now we have an effective help against tissue eating flatworms on Acropora and for ailing SPS.

    Flatworm Stop strengthens all kind of corals and reduces parasitical flatworms on Acropora corals at the same time. Very valuable ingredients are assimilated directly after dosage. In our tests also ailing small polyp stony corals recovered and rebuilt the basis as well as gained back the original coloration.

    Dosage: 1 ml per 100 Liter tank water. Dose directly into the tank. For ailing corals dosage can be increased to double or triple.

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  • Korallenzucht – KZ Potassium Test Kit


    Potassium Test Kit for sea water tanks. For the precise determination of potassium in salt water.
    Natural potassium levels in coral reefs are 390-400mg/L.

    For potassium regulation please use Pohl’s K – Balance or K-Balance strong.

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  • Korallenzucht – Pohl’s A-Balance



    Reduces Cyanobacteria rapidly and brings biology back to balance!

    Counteracts Cyanobacteria and is helpful in case of imbalances in salt water tanks within a short time.

    – Reduces Cyanobacteria in connection with CyanoClean within 2 days

    – Recovers the systems biological balance

    – Helpful if corals show basal tissue narcosis (TN)

    – Enhances yellow coloration on Acropora corals in connection with Sponge Power

    – Improves polyp expansion

    – Harmless for corals and all tank inhabitants. Will be consumed completely from biological processes and corals.


    Initial dosage 50 ml / 100 l

    Successive dosage 1 ml / 100 l each 10 days

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  • Korallenzucht – Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer


    Coral Vitalizer is used as a food source for both SPS, soft and LPS corals. The liquid and solid elements are capable of providing nutrition to a wide array of corals.

    • Will not increase nitrate or phosphate
    • Corals obtain a bright natural color
    • Promotes healthy coral growth difficult to obtain without supplementing
    • Significant increase in polyp extension
    • Helps maintain difficult coral species like Goniopora and Alveopora
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  • Korallenzucht – Pohl’s Xtra Concentrate


    Korallenzucht Zeovit Pohl’s Xtra Concentrate

    Pohl’s Xtra, one of the more popular products in the KZ line, is designed to enhance the coloration of hard corals. Users have reported increased color depth and an almost phosphorus like tint.

    – Special blend of the most effective KZ additives known for improved coloration of mixed corals
    – Improves coral vitality within days
    – Large improvements in coral growth
    – Enhances polyp extension during daylight

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