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  • Korallen-Zucht ZEObak 10ml


    ZEObak is a microorganism solution which contains several bacterial strains that form a bacterial chain capable of consuming nutrients. ZEObak is one of the big four (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart) required for the standard ZEOvit ultra low nutrient system. This system is designed to maintain maximum coral coloration, growth and health. Start by dosing 1 drops per 25 gallons (net water volume) twice weekly. Refrigerate after opening.

    • Combine with Coral Snow to reduce nutrients and control Red Slime (Cyanobacteria)
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  • Korallen-zucht.de Stylo-Poci-Glow 50ml


    Stylo-Pocci Glow builds strong natural coloration by regulating the zooxanthellae density in Pocillopora Stylopora and Seriatopora corals. The reduction of zooxanthellae allows for better visibility of lower lying pigmentation within the corals tissue.

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  • Korallen-zucht.de Zeostart 3


    ZEOstart is a carbon food source that promotes the reproduction of bacteria which are beneficial to the ZEOvit system. The bacteria will help maintain ultra low phosphate and nitrate. ZEOstart is one big four (ZEOvit ZEObak ZEOfood ZEOstart) required for the standard ZEOvit ultra low nutrient system. This system is designed to maintain maximum coral coloration growth and health. Promotes the reproduction of all nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium to help the system naturally remove phosphate and nitrate. If you have a high nutrient load and are just starting the ZEOvit system start by dosing 2 mL per 250 gallons (net water volume) of water each day until nutrient levels drop. Subsequently dose 1-2 mL per 250 gallons. Best results are seen when dosing is split up throughout the day and automated using a high quality dosing pump.

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  • Korallenzucht – AcroGlow


    Color and health for Acropora Sp.
    AcroGlow promotes recovery and very good coloration especially of Acropra Sp.- Daily dosing facilitates acclimatization and keeping of South Sea Corals from Fiji, Tonga or Australia immensly (if the main water parameters are fine!), the original coloration of these corals will be enabled again – Acropora Millepora sp. can retrieve their two or three colors- It does not distort natural coloration, but brings it back – Also yellow color of Acropora can be retained

    1 drop/100 L/day.This can be up to doubled for a short time, as soon as the corals react return to the normal dosage.

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  • Korallenzucht – AktivKhole Activated Carbon


    High quality activated carbon especially developed for salt water tanks.

    You will see the difference significantly on your corals.

    Put it in a mesh bag in a passively flown filter bypass or in a nylon stocking on top of the ZEOvit® in the ZEOvit® filter. Rinse the carbon briefly with hot tap water before use.

    The result is a better polyp extension. It adsorbs toxins, toxic compounds and yellowing compounds and also proteins.

    Keeps your tank water crystal clear.

    Use 1 L Korallenzucht activated carbon for 250 gallons/1000L water.

    Completely replace every 30 days.

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  • Korallenzucht – Amino Acid Concentrate LPS 100ml


    Amino acid blend designed specifically for Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals.

    Increases coral growth
    Coral tissue will expand immediately after dosing
    Injured corals will regenerate faster
    Positive impact on LPS coral growth

    A high quality amino acid based food source for LPS corals: including Catalaphylia,Cynarina Blastomusa, Heliofungias, Welsophylia, Musidae, Symphylia and Fungias.

    Upon dosing, corals expand their tissue immediately. Regular dosing will increase growth as well as the regeneration of damaged corals. This product is particularly useful in helping corals acclimate during the initial stages of implementing any low nutrient system.

    Recommended dose is 1ml per 50 gallons per day.

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    Korallenzucht – B-Balance Concentrate


    B-Balance replaces important minerals and additives commonly removed by protein skimmers.

    Benefits include:

    Red enhancement in Stylophora, SPS and Pocillopora corals.
    The ability to keep difficult corals like Cespitularia
    More robust corals with healthier base encrustation, even in shadow areas

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  • Korallenzucht – K-Balance Concentrate 250ml


    Potassium is one of the major elements in seawater and natural levels are very similar to calcium levels 380-410mg/liter. While not consumed as quickly as calcium it is important to maintain appropriate levels to achieve ideal coral coloration and growth. KZ tests have shown tanks with known potassium deficiencies to show significantly better growth and coloration within days of K-Balance use. K-Balance contains multiple potassium salts as well as other important elements. – Enhances blue/purple coloration in Tridacna clams and SPS corals – Can aid in preventing old-tank syndrome

    Note: Low potassium levels have following characteristics: Montipora stop growing colors are dull to grey Poccilopora and Stylopora with low potassium level look like they have been out of the water in the air polyps are inside and color is light without depth and saturation Blue Acropora are also washed-out Seriatopora can show complete tissue necrosis within a few days Turbinaria Reniformis stops growing.

    Warning: Do not increase dosage given on the label. Product is highly concentrated. We recommend to check potassium level regularly like Ca or Mg. K-Balance Strong is especially useful to increase the potassium level in big tanks.

    Size: 500ml

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  • Korallenzucht – Sponge Power Concentrate 10ml


    Sponge Power enhances the growth of filter feeding species like sponges tridacna clams and sea squirts. The increased growth helps these organisms process a larger volume of tank water and results in increased water quality. SPS corals see increased tip coloration with enhanced purples being the most commonly noticed.

    • Increases micro-fauna biodiversity and stability
    • Enhanced growth potential of SPS corals
    • Improved polyp extension with regular use
    • Can be used with ZEOvit or by itself
    • Supports rapid regeneration in damaged or freshly fragged corals

    Size: 10ml

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