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    An Ozonizer:

    Augments the performance of protein skimmers and biological filters.

    Produces transparent and healthy water.

    Diminishes the load of nitrite and ammonia evident.

    Augments the redoxpotential and the content of oxygen.

    Diminishes the load of disinfectants in the water.

    Decomposes yellow substances and other pollutants for the degradation inside the biological filter.


    Ozone Production (mg/h) 100

    Stepless Adjustment (mg/h) 10-100

    Power Consumption (Watt) 4,8

    Fresh Water Aquarium or Pond (l) 200-2000

    Marine Water Aquarium (l) 200-1000

    Recommended Airflow (l/h) 20-500

    Suitable for a back pressure up to 5 m water head

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