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  • Reef Octopus Super Calcium Reactor SRO-CR3000D



    High performance reverse flow design, superior craftsmanship and a 2 year pump warranty are just a few of the features on the Super Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor.


    All Super Reef Calcium Reactor come with our high water volume Water Blaster pumps which is equipped with ultra-tough Silicone Carbide Shafts and Bearings, this means no worries of moving parts freezing up causing broken shafts.


    All Super Reef Calcium Reactors come with PH probe holders to monitor PH inside the first chamber of the reactor. Equipped with a PH probe holders to mount a PH probe to monitor PH levels in the main reactor chamber and built in bubble counters to monitor Co2 drip rates.


    A “must have” equipment in high volume Aquarium to meet the challenging task of maintaining alkalinity, calcium and trace elements.


    Available in Single (SRO-CR3000 & SRO-CR5000) or Dual Chamber (SRO-CR3000D &SRO-CR5000D)

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  • Seachem Matrix™


    High capacity biofiltration

    Controls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate

    Highly porous – enormous surface area (>~700 m2/L)

    Supports aerobic and anaerobic bacteria species

    Available Sizes: 1L / 2L / 4L

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  • Seachem Tidal™ Power Filters


    Designed to deliver the highest water quality possible with maximum versatility and ease of use

    Tidal™ Power Filters are designed from the ground up to provide your aquarium with high-quality, comprehensive filtration. They are easy to use and adaptable to a variety of aquarium conditions. With a host of features including a self-priming pump, dual water intake with surface skimmer, adjustable flow, maintenance monitor, self-cleaning impeller, and a filter basket that holds any kind of filtration media – and more of it – Tidal™ Power Filters are designed to deliver the highest water quality possible with maximum versatility and ease of use

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  • Tunze Comline® Wavebox 6208



    Comline® Wavebox 6208

    Comline® Wavebox 6208

    The Comline® Wavebox 6208 is a wave generator for small and medium-sized tanks from 150 to 800 liters (40 – 211 USgal.). It is easy to use, elegant and small. The Comline® Wavebox 6208 uses a Turbelle® nanostream® 6055 with the Turbelle® controller and its very compact dimensions enable hidden installation in aquariums. The integrated Magnet Holder enables easy attachment anywhere in the aquarium up to a pane thickness of 15 mm (2/3″).

    FAQs about Wavebox 6208 / 6214

    FAQs about Wavebox 6208 / 6214


    Can the Wavebox be fitted in an aquarium with outlet?

    Can the Wavebox be fitted in an aquarium with outlet?

    Given a single wave, the water level varies only very little in the centre of the aquarium (relative to the longitudinal axis). If and when possible, this zone should be used for the outlet and inlet. The greater the distance from this zone, the higher the difference in water level. TUNZE® outlets can withstand such variations without any problems, but they may cause noise.

    Can the Wavebox produce several waves?

    Given an aquarium of two metres (78 in.) in length, a double wave can be produced. In order to get an indication for this frequency, the resonance frequency of single wave has to be divided by two. However, this can be achieved by means of the bigger Wavebox only.

    Is the Wavebox compatible with other Turbelle® pumps?

    Is the Wavebox compatible with other Turbelle® pumps?

    Wavebox can also be integrated in an aquarium with Turbelle® pumps. The circular current of the Turbelle® and the washing of the waves produced by the Wavebox superimpose each other and result in a strongly pulsating circular current for reef top biotopes, for example.

    Two Waveboxes 6214 are needed for a tank with a content of 2,000 liters (528 USgal.). Do the Waveboxes have to be located next to each other in case of space problems?

    Two Waveboxes 6214 are needed for a tank with a content of 2,000 liters (528 USgal.). Do the Waveboxes have to be located next to each other in case of space problems?

    Two Waveboxes can be placed in opposite corners of the tank; in this case they will operate alternatingly: When one Wavebox operates, the other is switched off, et cetera; Wavecontroller 7092 is used to control the entire system.

    How does the Wavebox operate?

    How does the Wavebox operate?


    The pump in the Wavebox…

    presses the water to the left-hand side of the tank causing all polyps in every position in the aquarium to move to the left.

    The pump is stopped; the…

    wavebox fills up; and the entire water in the aquarium returns to the right-hand side. All polyps move to the right.

    Energy Saving


    Safety extra-low voltage, blocking and…

    run-dry protection.

    Oscillating current with near-nature wave…

    movement and circulation.

    De-sedimentation of the entire aquarium…


    Wave generation at low power…

    consumption, high efficiency and low motor heat.

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    Safety Connector

    Safety Connector

    Enables normal operation using the TUNZE® power supply and will switch to a battery or DC supply automatically in the case of a power failure.

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  • Two Little Fishies HydroCarbon 2 GAC


    TwoLittleFishies HydroCarbon 2 G.A.C. is a granulated activated carbon designed specifically for the purification of water. It is manufactured by steam activation and acid washing of a special Lignite material under carefully controlled conditions to produce an activated carbon most suitable for aquariums. Since it is extremely porous and positively does not leach phosphates that can stimulate the growth of algae.

    It has a very low ash content and therefore hardly affects pH. HydroCarbon 2 G.A.C. has a wide range of pore sizes and large pore volume that provide a rapid adsorption rate plus a high capacity for dissolved organic compounds.

    It has the highest capacity for removing water-yellowing tannic and humic compounds of any commercial water activated carbon, and adsorbs both large and small molecular pollutants, including defensive substances released into the water by soft and stony corals. The macroporous structure of HydroCarbon 2 G.A.C. also affords a high ability to resist clogging that can interfere with the adsorption of dissolved organic substances.

    The granules are the optimum uniform size for use in high capacity filters, allowing even-flow of water at high velocity with minimal back pressure. HydroCarbon 2 G.A.C. has a long useful life. After months of use it also becomes a very active biological filtration community full of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. It can thus be used as a biological nitrification, denitrification media, or to seed new aquariums with active bacteria cultures.

    Available Size: 4L

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  • aquaticexclusive Polyester Wool



    Ultra fine residue-free polyester wool suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

    • Improves aquarium water clarity
    • Consists of several layers to traps debris effectively and retains particles for a long period without clogging.

    Size: 30 x 200cm (12″ x 79″)

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    Brightwell Aquatics Xport NO3

    Dimpled Brick – the premier filtration media in the world!

    Xport-NO3 Ultra-activated Denitrification Media with Superior Performance Characteristics.


    • Utilizes NanoIntelex Technology to create an enhanced, “ultra-activated” material with the capacity to outperform conventional denitrification media by over 300%
    • Open structure and high surface area results in superior flow-through characteristics and filtration efficiency.
    • Higher efficiency relative to conventional media results in smaller space requirements to achieve equivalent denitrification.
    • May be employed to rapidly decrease nitrate in even the most heavily-stocked systems.
    • Eliminates the need to perform water changes that are carried out for the express purpose of decreasing nitrate in an aquarium system.
    • May be used in conjunction with Xport-BIO and Xport-PO4

    Nominal 9″ x 4.50″ x 2.50″ for Aquascaping, Biofiltration, and Coral Propagation
    Use one XPort NO3 BRICK for every 1,000 U.S. gallons (3,800 L) of system capacity


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