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  • American Marine Pinpoint Digital Calibration Thermometer

    • Resolution to one-tenth of a degree (00.1 F or 00.1 C)
    • A Lab Quality instrument.
    • Fahrenheit or Celsius display
    • 2 Year Battery Life
    • 10 Cable
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  • Dosetronic



    Same footprint as the Alkatronic, Dosetronic will be around the half height of an Alkatronic.


    Customizable to have the 10 luer connections on either side

    Communication with Alkatronic:


    Controlled by:

    Wifi based app, and cloud.


    5, stepper based


    0.05 ml





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  • Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest Ca+Mg Test Kit


    For saltwater aquaria
    Measurement range:
    Ca 300 – 498 mg/l (ppm)
    Mg 820 – 1800 mg/l (ppm)

    Shelf life and storage:
    6 months after opening.
    Store in a cool, dark place.

    Contents of package:
    •35 ml/1.38 fl.oz. of reagent A
    •9 g/0.32 oz. of reagent B
    •50 ml/1.69 fl.oz. of reagent C
    •40 ml/1.35 fl.oz. of reagent D
    •2 glass cuvettes 10 ml
    •1 dosing syringe 5 ml
    •3 dosing syringes 1 ml
    with dropper tips
    •1 measuring spoon
    •1 instruction for use

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  • Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest K Test Kit


    For saltwater aquariums
    Measurement range:
    300 – 500 mg/l (ppm)

    Shelf life and storage:
    6 months after opening.
    Store in a cool, dark place.

    Contents of package:
    •12 ml/0.40 fl.oz.“Standard“
    (400 mg/l),
    •25 ml/0.85 fl.oz. of reagent A,
    •25 ml/0.85 fl.oz. of reagent B,
    •5 ml/0.17 fl.oz. of reagent C,
    •30 ml/1.01 fl.oz. of reagent D,
    •2 glass cuvettes 10 ml,
    •3 dosing syringes1ml with syringe tips,
    •1 instruction for use

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  • Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest KH Test Kit


    Contents of package:

    • 10 ml / 0.34 fl.oz. of reagent A
    • 50 ml / 1.69 fl.oz. of reagent B
    • 1 glass cuvette 10 ml
    • 1 dosing syringe 5 ml
    • 1 dosing syringe 1 ml with dropper tip
    • 1 instruction for use

    In order to protect the environment, the reagents for the KH / Alkalinity Test PRECISION are also available in affordable refill packs!

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  • Fauna Marin Aquahometest NO2+NO3 Test Kit


    For saltwater aquariums
    Measurement range:
    NO2: 0 – 1,0 mg/l (ppm)
    NO3: 0 – 20 mg/l (ppm)

    Shelf life and storage:
    6 months after opening.
    Store in a cool, dark place.

    Contents of package:
    •50 ml/1.69 fl.oz. of reagent A
    •20 ml/0.68 fl.oz. of reagent B
    •10 ml/0.34 fl.oz. of reagent C
    • 5 ml/0.17 fl.oz. of reference solution
    •1 glass cuvette 20 ml
    •1 dosing syringe 20 ml
    •1 dosing syringe 1 ml with dropper tip
    •2 colour cards
    •1 comparator
    •1 instruction for use

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  • Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest PO4 Test Kit


    Shelf life and storage:
    6 months after opening.
    Store in a cool, dark place.

    Contents of package:
    25 ml/0.85 fl.oz. of reagent A
    6 ml/0.20 fl.oz. of reagent B
    5 ml/0.17 fl.oz. of reference
    solution “standard”
    2 glass cuvettes 20 ml
    1 dosing syringe 20 ml
    2 colour cards
    1 comparator
    1 instruction for use

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  • Milwaukee digital refractometer for seawater



    • Range: 1.000 – 1.114
    • Resolution: 0.001
    • Accuracy: 0.002
    • Measurement Time: Approximately 1.5 seconds
    • Battery Type: 1 x 9V (included)

    Key Features

    • Dual-Level LCD Display
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
    • Easy Setup and Storage
    • Battery Operation with Low Power Indicator
    • Automatically Turns Off After 3 Minutes of Non-Use
    • Stainless Steel Sample Well and Flint Glass Prism
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  • RedSea Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit


    Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit Package size/volume:

     Test Name Element Accuracy Range Test Type No. of test
     Calcium Pro Ca 5 ppm Titration 75
    KH/Alkalinity Pro KH 0.05 meq/l Titration 75
    Magnesium Pro Mg 20 ppm Titration 75
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  • RedSea Seawater Refractometer


    Main features of Red Sea’s Seawater Refractometer include:

    • Directly reads the absolute salinity of seawater at 25°C/77 0F  ( No need for seawater or temperature compensation factors)
    • Specifically designed for the ionic content of seawater (NSW) for more accurate salinity measurement (industry standard refractometers are calibrated for salt brine ).
    • Calibrated for seawater (NSW) at 25oC/77oF, the normal temperature range for reef aquariums
      (most standard refractometers are calibrated at 15oC/59oF ).
    • Easier to read, higher resolution display, focussed to the relevant range for reef aquariums of up to 40ppt
    • Includes Integrated Automatic  Temperature Compensation (ATC) for accurate measurement at standard ambient temperature.

    Red Sea’s Refractometer display

    The PPT scale on Red Sea’s Seawater refractometer is calculated using an algorithm for seawater and therefore will give a reading of the Absolute Salinity of seawater.

    The PPT scale on regular salinity refractometers are calculated using an algorithm for Brine. Using a Brine refractometer for Seawater will give an error of approximately 1.5ppt in the salinity reading.

    Red Sea’s Seawater refractometer red sea seawater refractometer. salinity test for saltwater aquariums
    Red Sea’s Seawater Refractometer display
    Typical Salinity Refractometer display

    About Salinity

    Salinity is a general term describing the concentration of salt in water. However, solutions of different type of salts have different refractive indexes.

    Brine is a solution of Sodium Chloride (table salt) that contains 2 chemical elements.

    Seawater contains approximately 70 chemical elements that include Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium etc. in addition to the Sodium Chloride.

    Seawater and Brine of the same salinity (i.e. the same weight of salt/liter) have different refractive indexes and will give different salinity readings if measured on the same refractometer.

    Refraction & refractive index

    All transparent materials such as liquids refract (distort) light.

    All transparent materials refract light differently and have what is called a “refractive index” which means how much a particular material distorts light.

    Different concentrations of the same liquid have different refractive indexes.

    The scale of a refractometer is calculated by using a mathematical algorithm that relates the measured refraction to its concentration for a specific liquid.


    Refractive index and temperature

    The refractive index of liquids change with temperature and therefore has a major effect on measuring salinity with a refractometer.

    The algorithm for defining the PPT (and S.G.) scale for a refractometer is calculated for a specific temperature.

    PPT readings from refractometers that are not calibrated for reef aquariums (i.e. 25oC) need to be adjusted according to a conversion table to give the actual PPT at the aquarium temperature. This is often a cause for misinterpretation of refractometer readings.

    For example, using a seawater refractometer calibrated at 20oC will give a PPT reading that is approximately 1-1.5ppt lower than the absolute salinity of the same water sample at the normal aquarium temperature of 25oC.

    Therefore, Red Sea’s Seawater Refractometer calibrated at 25°C/77 0F directly reads the absolute salinity of seawater with no need for temperature compensation factor)

    ATC – Automatic temperature compensation

    Temperature is probably the biggest cause of wrong readings with a refractometer. Calibration and testing of water samples should be done after the refractometer and water sample have equalized at the correct temperature.

    Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) compensates for a few degrees of difference between the ambient temperature and the calibrated temperature of the refractometer. Larger temperature variations will give an error of approximately 1.0ppt in the salinity reading.

    ATC does not adjust the PPT reading of a refractometer to the temperature of the aquarium!

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