ATI Sirius LED Pendant x LED Cluster


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The ATI Sirius X LED light fixture is designed for serious reef keepers with the passion to keep any and all kind of corals. ATI Sirius utilizes the latest advances in LED and component technology to produce amazing output and efficiency. Each LED cluster is independently controllable in allowing for full control of both intensity and color through the aquarium. Silver coated reflectors are highly reflective and produce outstanding performance. The design of all ATI components allows for easy replacement and future upgrades of the LED clusters. High quality components and a separate constant current source for each cluster which allows controlling each spot separately in color and intensity. A complete own SMD production in Germany round up the German engineering and stand for a “Made in Germany” product. The slim, silver colored body is lightweight, durable and rust-proof. All components including the controller and the LED drivers are built into the fixture housing with the only item external to the fixture being a single power-cord. The ATI Sirius X is more then just another average LED fixture on the market. It‘s thoughtful design and performance will show of the true beauty of any reef aquarium. ATI-Sirius-LED-High-Efficient-Electronic High Efficient Electronics for each Cluster of ATI Sirius LED Lighting.


Exchangeable LED Cluster for Future Upgrades.


Exchangeable LED Reflectors made out of High-Tech Reflector material.

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