Bryopsis Buster- fluconazole treatment

  • Fast and effective
  • Reef Safe
  • Work immediately in one single dose
  • 10 capsules per bottle

Ornamental aquarium use only.
Not for human consumption and treating fish intended for human consumption.
Keep away from children and animals





Direction for use
– Dissolve capsule with tank water before pouring into high flow area.
– Turn off skimmer and remove all chemical filtration for first 3 day. Activated carbon and phosphate remover can be use during the treatment process.
– Use 1 capsule per 10 gallons or 40 Litres of water. After 14 days perform a minimum of 30% water change.
– Filter socks and mechnical filtration is recommanded during the course of treatment.
– Upon completion of treatment, perform a major waterchange and run activated carbon to absorb excess chemicals.



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