Gryphon Band Saw C-40 XL


  • Simple construction with few moving parts
  • New High Speed Motor for fastest cutting available
  • Direct drive – no belts or pulleys
  • Powerful motor located on top, away from the water
  • Huge water reservoir under the work surface
  • One square foot of unobstructed work surface
  • Under table blade guide and new blade guide above table.




The C-40 XL is a variation on our standard diamond band saw. By raising the motor and using a longer blade, we have increased the clearance to 4.5″ as shown (an additional inch of clearance can be achieved by removing the upper guide). This saw was designed primarily in response to artists who wanted to cut bottles, but for whom the regular C-40 did not offer enough clearance.

This saw is specially made with taller supports to allow an extra 2.5″ of clearance height. This provides over 5.5″ of clearance with the upper blade guide removed. This saw uses a 42″ diamond blade, and in other respects is the same as our C-40 CR, which is a special version of the C-40 that has been modified to be more resistant to corrosion.  Choose this saw if you are using a diamond band saw in a corrosive environment such as salt water and need extra clearance to cut taller coral or other objects.  This saw features all of the benefits of the regular C-40 with components upgraded to stainless steel or otherwise specially treated.   This saw is also used extensively for cutting coral.



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