Korallenzucht – CyanoClean

Target the root cause of a Cyanobacteria outbreak with Cyano Clean from Korallen-Zucht.

  • Formulated with nutrient-scavenging bacterial strains that diminish Cyanobacteria’s food source
  • Reef-safe and does not alter nutrient composition of tank
  • Dose weekly for preventative measure
  • Contains no antibiotics
  • Will not affect biological filtration

Exceptional results can be achieved utilizing the Coral System methodology. The System provides vital elements and compounds for coloration,health and improved biology. It contains no calcium, carbonate, magnesium, these main elements have to be checked regularly and dosed separately when needed.Contains: Purified Water – Ni – Mn – F – Na – Rb – Zn – V.Dosage: 5ml / 100 L / week


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Korallenzucht KZ ZEOvit®

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