TORQ® Body 0.75 TORQ® Body 1.0 TORQ® Body 2.0
When using a filter medium
Phosphate adsorber (Nyos® PHOSI-EX)
Max. Capacity 450ml 750ml 1,500ml
Optimal filling quantity 350ml 500ml 1,000ml
Aquarium size up 675l 1,125l 2,250l
Activated carbon (Nyos® ACTIVE CARB)
Max. Capacity 650ml 900ml 1,800ml
Optimal filling quantity 450ml 650ml 1,300ml
Aquarium size up 650l 900l 1,800l
Zeolite (Nyos® ZEO)
Max. Capacity 750ml 1,000ml 2,000ml
Aquarium size up 300l 400l 800l
When using two filter media in the double chamber principle
Phosphate adsorber (Nyos® PHOSI-EX)
Max. Capacity 375ml 750ml
Optimal filling quantity 250ml 500ml
Aquarium size up 550l 1,125l
Activated carbon (Nyos® ACTIVE CARB)
Max. Capacity 450ml 900ml
Optimal filling quantity 300ml 650ml
Aquarium size up 450l 900l
Zeolite (Nyos® ZEO)
Max. Capacity 500ml 1.000ml
Aquarium size up 200l 400l


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The Nyos® TORQ® is a novel high performance modular system modular reactor for all types of filter media.

The problem :

Filter media are often passively in filter stockings and are not used properly (channeling, etc.). Media are often replaced, although the capacity is not exhausted.

The solution:

Filter media must be flowed through optimally and from all sides. For this a media reactor is the best choice. Nyos® has developed the innovative system reactor TORQ® for this purpose.

The advantages:

Modular : The Nyos® TORQ® is a novel system reactor for all types of filter media. The TORQ® dock has a built-in pump and provides the base unit. The dock has a universal connector that can be used in all sizes of TORQ® bodies.

Adjustable : By turning the lid, the flow can be steplessly and precisely regulated with one hand without reaching into the water. The differentiated adjustability makes it possible to adjust the flow speed perferct to the type and quantity of the respective filter medium

Powerful : The pump included in the TORQ® Dock has a high maximum flow rate of up to 1000 l / h. As a result, the filter medium used can be optimally utilized.

Two-in-one : one reactor, two media – In the TORQ® Bodies 1.0 and 2.0, two different filter media can be used at the same time thanks to the compartment separation that can be used.

Plug-and-Play : The required pump is already included in the TORQ® Dock. Just put the body with the medium on the dock and plug in. Finished.




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